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About Oasis Central Minnesota


We Hold Our Community In Our Hands.jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS We Hold Our Community In Our HandsOasis Central Minnesota has a rich and vibrant grassroots history with programs that are founded with the philosophy of building community by working together as neighbors.  All of our programming works to not only provide access to basic necessities but build relationships within the community.

Oasis Central Minnesota was originally incorporated in 1988 as OASIS Share a Meal by a group of Morrison County residents concerned about food and housing insecurity in Morrison County, Minnesota.  At its inception, Oasis Central Minnesota began providing a free community meal

In 2015 Oasis Central Minnesota identified homelessness and housing insecurity as a growing community concern and emergency housing as a service gap.  Funded by donations, private foundation grants, and State of Minnesota grants Oasis Central Minnesota now provides emergency housing in a motel setting as well as an apartment setting for families.  Our agency also provides case management to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. 

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